HortPark Gardeners’ Day Out in April

It’s been another month so it’s another Gardeners’ Day Out at HortPark. This time I made sure to leave the house earlier and arrived about 11 am. I was quite surprised to find that it was quite crowded a the bazaar. There were also more stalls this time.

It was hot and super humid. I perspired a lot even though all I did was just to walk around the stalls. The organizer had helpfully placed some big standing fans around the atrium but their cooling effect were minimal because there were so many people. While I felt hot and sweaty, the stall owners had it worse. At least I could move around and sometimes get some breeze from the fans, while the stall owners had to stay in one spot. One stall owner had a handheld electric fan in one hand while he collected money with the other.

Left to right: Tillandsia seleriana, Tillandsia ionantha (top), Tillandsia bulbosa (bottom), Tillandsia velutina

I bought more air plants to add to my mini garden. I’ve been reading up on air plants since I’ve bought my first plants last month. Do you know air plants are called Tillandsia? At least that’s what the serious growers and avid hobbyists called them. The names for different types of air plants are called Tillandsia something or may be written as T. something. There are over 700 species and that’s not counting the man-made hybrids.

There were many air plants available, some costing upwards of $50. To prevent myself from overspending, I limited myself to buying air plants that were under $10. In the end, I bought 6 air plants for a total of $22. I hope these will grow well.

There were also stalls selling cute succulents and carnivores plants. I was very tempted by them and I kept going back to take a look at least 3 times. Finally I succumbed to temptation and bought a tiny little sundew from one of the stalls for $5. I hoped the sundew would catch and eat up all the mosquitoes that were going to bite me, but it was so tiny (each leaf was only 0.5 cm wide at most) that I really doubt it could catch anything bigger than a fruit fly.


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